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This design should be considered work-in-progress. Currently I got very interested in bilateral (or mirror) ambigrams again. I don’t exactly know why, maybe because I would really like to make myself a nice ambigram t-shirt . Mirror ambigrams seem to be the obvious choice for clothing, I think…

So, here’s a pretty early version of a “Fail / Win” symbiotogram (memes anyone?). I’m still trying out different font styles, but I think this one already works pretty well.


Well, well, well… Happy new year, everybody
I hope that you had a better start into 2010 than I had, and that all that holiday food didn’t do too much damage 😉
So, here’s my first post in the new decade: The seven deadly sins.

I started working on that theme over a year ago and managed to find some working solutions for all seven sins (wrath, sloth, gluttony, pride, envy, lust, greed), but I wasn’t satisfied with the letterforms I created. I wanted them to look gothic and maybe a little bit evil, but they were just plain ugly. So I decided that this would be the opportunity to apply my new black letter letterforms.

Before / After:

This theme was just perfect for black letter. When you need do so many different words, this style is the one that is most likely to fit to all of them.
And it’s quite easy to achieve a consistent look, too.
And, of course, it fits the biblical theme…

I think I have to go watch “se7en” now…