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Another “quick & dirty” lunchtime ambigram ;-).

I tried to catch a bit of the hippie vibe… peace!


Finally done! This is the rather “complicated” ambigram I mentioned one post earlier:

It all started with a simple idea: After watching the Guy Ritchie movie (very entertaining, by the way!), I wanted to do a “Sherlock Holmes” ambigram. After making a few sketches I found a nice solution and I wanted to start with the design. But a quick google search showed me that this was done several times before, using the same solution (just take a look here). I had to come up with something else… hmm,  why not create a business card for Mr. Holmes? So, I came up withe the idea for a “Sherlock Holmes / Baker Street 221B” ambigram.

I chose the german address syntax, where you put the number behind the street name, for two reasons:

  1. It would’ve been much more difficult with the number in the beginning
  2. I did it out of habit 😉

As you can see, one of the main difficulties of this design is that there are multiple combinations with the letter “e”: “e/2”, “e/o”, “e/c” and “es/B”. It took me quite a long time to find a way to achieve a conistent style for all of them.
The other problem was the incorporation of numbers. The basic shape of numbers is different to that of letters in quite a subtle way. Because I wanted the “e”s to look constistent, I had to fit the “2” to the shape of the “e”… This is why the “221” may look a little bit awkward.

I did a lot of paperwork in advance but a lot small changes had to be done in illustrator to achieve a clean, finished look. This is the final draft, that I used:

Maybe I will do another Holmes-related ambigram. There are some more ideas going round in my head…

Taking a break from a very complicated ambigram I’m currently working on (stay tuned, folks!), I wanted to do something small and fast to clean up my mind. Add the experiences from the “San Francisco” ambigram and a severe caffeine addiction and there you have it:

I really like this ambigram. It’s simple, smooth and was done in a lunch break… 😉

But now: Back to work!

P.S.: I’m trying to claim my blog on technorati. Just ignore this part of the post: Q89YD9788869

Ever since I read “The Difference Machine“, I had a special place in my heart reserved for steampunk. I just love the aesthetics and the DIY attitude, even though I lack the time to do some tinkering for myself…
Some time ago I already created two ambigrams of the the word “steampunk” (you can see them at the end of the post) but this time I wanted to do something different. So, here’s an ambigram of the word “Æther“, a substance/medium of great importance in many, many steampunk inventions 😉

It was very important for me to capture the ligature at the beginning of the word and to make a decorative design, so, I must confess that I sacrificed readability for style…forgive me.
Here are the “steampunk” ambigrams I mentioned before:

This is the version I favor, because I didn’t have to rely on graphical elements to create a solution. And the “P” has a nice pipe-ish look to it…

This version is easier to read, but I think I’m fed up with cogs…

I’ve been not participating in the last few ACACs ( ambigram contest) for various reasons, lack of time beeing the most important one. But that had to change! The theme for the current ACAC is “Where in the world” and this is my contribution:

I wanted the typo to have a touch of “american sports team” and the colours match the sunny atmosphere of california.
The “S/co” inversion was the trickiest part of the ambigram and I had a lot of problems with it, but a little time and a stack of wasted paper later I was happy with the result of my scribbling…