Finally done! This is the rather “complicated” ambigram I mentioned one post earlier:

It all started with a simple idea: After watching the Guy Ritchie movie (very entertaining, by the way!), I wanted to do a “Sherlock Holmes” ambigram. After making a few sketches I found a nice solution and I wanted to start with the design. But a quick google search showed me that this was done several times before, using the same solution (just take a look here). I had to come up with something else… hmm,  why not create a business card for Mr. Holmes? So, I came up withe the idea for a “Sherlock Holmes / Baker Street 221B” ambigram.

I chose the german address syntax, where you put the number behind the street name, for two reasons:

  1. It would’ve been much more difficult with the number in the beginning
  2. I did it out of habit 😉

As you can see, one of the main difficulties of this design is that there are multiple combinations with the letter “e”: “e/2”, “e/o”, “e/c” and “es/B”. It took me quite a long time to find a way to achieve a conistent style for all of them.
The other problem was the incorporation of numbers. The basic shape of numbers is different to that of letters in quite a subtle way. Because I wanted the “e”s to look constistent, I had to fit the “2” to the shape of the “e”… This is why the “221” may look a little bit awkward.

I did a lot of paperwork in advance but a lot small changes had to be done in illustrator to achieve a clean, finished look. This is the final draft, that I used:

Maybe I will do another Holmes-related ambigram. There are some more ideas going round in my head…