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I’m making progress on my project! Here are some more number ambigrams that will be used in it.

I’m really getting used to this style of typography… more coming soon!


Currently I’m working on a larger project which involves a bunch of ambigrams sharing a consistent style. And most of the ambigrams I need are numbers. Here’s a short preview of the things to come:

I had big problems creating a “two” ambigram, but I think I found a really nice solution. These will probably not be the final versions, but we’ll see.

Hope to be posting more soon, including some sketches and first takes. And the finished project of course 😉

Phew, it’s been some busy weeks at work. Again. So, there wasn’t much tim for ambigramming. But here’s something new:
A friend of mine is organizing a sixties & mod weekend event in september and was in dire need for some new flyers since the designer he hired first used copyrighted material and all the flyers had to be destroyed. The whole thing goes by the name of “Velvet & Silk” and since I was doing the new design I wanted to incorporate an ambigram – of course 😉

This was my first design:

My friend wanted it to be more “mod-like” and so I added some arrows and changed the colors a bit because the “target” will be a separate design element on the flyer:

Personally, I liked the first version more, but this design fits the flyer better. It’s clearer, bolder and better matches the rest of the design.