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I created this ambigram for the “Movies and TV” ACAC, but did not submit it. It’s far from being legible and it needed too much photoshop work to be readable at all. Well, I do like the overall look, because I think I pretty close to the original design. Still, too hard to read, especially the “Tony Stark” portion…

Well, and that’s it. That’s all I managed to finish in three months… but I hope that I will start amigramming again soon! Stay tuned


Ok, here are the very few ambigrams that I worked on during the last months. Let’s start with a comission:

Katie contacted me because she liked my “Ursula” ambigram. She wanted to have a tattoo of her parents’ names and asked me if I could provide a matching “Phil” or “Philip” ambigram. Here’s what I came up with:

…since my last post? Godd*mmit!
Well the truth is that my worked kept me busy and that I was not able to get the clear head I need to start ambigramming.
But I did two or three designs that I will show here soon. AND my big work-project is finished now, so I hope that I will soon start posting on a regular basis again. Not to mention there is still a card deck to design…