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I think I will really try to do a small series of Bond-related ambigrams. Up next:

As you can see, this was a tough one and it’s far from being perfect. The’ u/it’ combination looks awkward, the ‘M’ is hard to read and I’m mixing upper and lower case letters. But I’m pretty exited that I found a solution at all…


James Bond: Do you expect me to talk?
Auric Goldfinger: No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die.
Goldfinger is one of my all-time favorite Bond movies and nice ambigram, too 😉

Hmm, maybe it’s a nice idea to do more Bond-related ambigrams…

Sorry, late blogging again!
The results for the last ambigram challenge were posted on 19th of february, but unfortunately I had no time to post my submission. Until now. So, here it is:

This contest was a sponsored one, the sponsor being award-winning magician, juggler, pick-pocket and bullet catch Dan Chan. There were a variety of words to combine and I chose “Dan Chan / Magic Man”, partly because of the rhythm and rhyme.
The ambigram was not easy to create, but I’m very pleased with the result. I managed to create consistent letters and I think I found a creative way to build the capital ‘M’s.
Unfortunately there was a whole bunch of real high-class ambigrams I had to compete with and I didn’t place. You should really take a look at the results, some of them are mind-blowing! So, once again it’s: ‘Better luck next time!’ for me 😉