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Happy Holidays!
Here is my last submission for the ongoing A.C.A.C ( ambigram contest):

In one direction it reads “Merry Christmas” and turned 180°…

… it reads “Happy New Year 2010“.

I’m very happy with the way this design came out in the end. I especially like the clear and kinda “1950’s” look ist has. Everything is in line and the letter forms are consistent. The “C/ar” and “R/W” inversion were a little bit tricky but in the end everything worked well.

I started working on this ambigram pretty early after the new A.C.A.C. started, but for a long time i didn’t kow how to integrate the “Merry” in the design and just writing “Christmas” didn’t seem to make much sense. But on a train ride home from work it struck me: Let’s turn the “Merry” into the number 2010! From that point on everything came together well…

So, all there is left for me to say is: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!