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From time to time people ask me to design a tattoo for them, and most of the time I am able to fulfill their wishes. And while some people are never heard of after I send them the designs, some are kind enough to send me pictures of the final result. So, here’s a small before/after show:

First we have an “Always In My Heart” ambigram I created for Mike. This is the original design:

And the tattooed version:

Unfortunately the tattoo artist changed the “swooshes” at the beginning and the end of the word and added a metallic effect to the design. And all in all the outlines could be clearer…

Second, this is an “Anthony/Alaina”  symbiotogram I designed for Jason. A different version of it can be seen in the last post:

The tattoo:

Jason and his tattoo artist decided to close the gap in the “T”…

After all it’s nice to see that some people like my work so much that they decide to spend the rest of their lifes with it 😉


2010 didn’t begin the way I expected it to…. Looks like I’m in a little creative crisis. The problem is: I just cant’t think of anything that I could turn into an ambigram. So, I’m open for suggestions… 😉

Luckily someone contacted me on Flickr and asked if I could create an ambigram reading “Always In My Heart” as a design for a tattoo.
So, here’s the final design (with some photoshopping done…. the tattoo template is only black and white of course):

I hope that there will be more new ambigrams soon. In the meantime I will probably post some “oldies but goldies” of mine. We’ll see…..