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Behold the unspeakable horror of

Shub-NiggurathThe Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young, one of the Outer Gods of H.P. Lovecraft’s Pantheon…

I’m not 100% content with the “b/u” inversion… This part will need some further optimization.


Here’s one more lovecraftian deity for the weekend. This time it’s Azathoth , The Blind Idiot God, Him in the Gulf, Seething Nuclear Chaos, The Daemon Sultan, ruler of the Outer Gods.

Still continuing my set of Lovecraft-related ambigrams. This time I present you Nyarlathotepthe messenger of the Great Old Ones, the crawling chaos.

Considered an Outer God, he often appears in human shape, acting as a stage artist, presenting strange scientific artifacts, which is why I wanted this ambigram to look like a 1920’s poster headline.

I’m really enjoying creating these Mythos-related ambigrams, so look out: There’s more to come… 😉

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagnIn his house at R’lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.

Recently I became addicted to the “Propnomicon” blog, a weblog that “focuses on horror and fantasy props of interest to fans of H. P. Lovecraft and players of the “Call of Cthulhu” role playing game.”(quote)

Browsing through the blog I got the inspiration to do another Mythos-related ambigram. So, here it is:

“Chtulhu Fhtagn”, wich means “Cthulhu waits”, “Cthulhu dreams”, or “Cthulhu waits dreaming.”

FYI: Here is an ambigram I created sometime ago (mirror-ambigram), dealing with the unspeakable horror from the deep, too: