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I’ve been contacted by the talented Darren Bent, who asked me if I could show some of his work on this webpage. After looking at samples of his work, I had no other choice than to answer: YES, YES, YES!

Darren has been designing graffiti-style symmetric typography since 2004, before he ever heard of John Langdon, his work on “Angels and Demons” or ambigrams in general, naming them Magigrapix (Magic Graffiti Pictures). Quote Darren:

 “The artwork came to me naturally, which by the way is if you hadn’t noticed is the ability to make one word read as another upside-down. Now after a number of years of practice and studying other ambigramists, I can make almost any word read as another upside-down.”

So, here are some examples of his work:

“Aotearoa / New Zealand”

“Jesus Christ, Son of God / Jesus Christ Lamb of God” – Can you find the fish symbol hidden in the image?

“Game Over / The End”

“Above / Below” – This is my personal favorite from this selection. It’s easy to read and the perspective underlines the meanings of the words. Great work, Darren!

Right now Darren is working on something special… stay tuned.