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Ok, here’s a new one. I’m a singer in a ska band called “The Nicks” and I wanted to do an ambigram of the name ever since I started making ambigrams. In that time I had a lot of problems with the “e/c” inversion and when I finally found a solution to this problem (while working on another design), I forgot about my “The Nicks” ambigram. But yesterday I remembered and the solution almost came by itself. So, here it is:

"The Nicks", rotational ambigram

And here’s the scribble I did: As you can see I tend to create my designs from right to left. I don’t know why, but it works better for me to start with the end. The first three letters came quite naturally but I had a little fight with the “ni” due to some proportions problem.

BTW: If your interested in our music, you can listen to it here:


…I decided to post some of my previous ambigram artworks so you can get a feeling of what you can expect from this blog.

"ambigram", rotational ambigram

rotational ambigram of the word “ambigram”.

"Back / Front", rotational ambigram

Which way to go?

"Harry Potter", rotational ambigram

I tried to stick with the original look.

"Heavy Metal", rotational ambigram

I usually try to match the look of the typeface with the meaning of the words…

So, this is it for my first post. I’m pretty sure that I will post some more of my old stuff here, but this blog should mainly focus on my recent works and the design process they went through.