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A new version of my “Good & Evil” ambigram (you can see an older version here). I created this design as a submission for the “Ambigrams Revealed” project, but didn’t submit it since I’m not too happy with its legibility. I DO like the overall look, but I really have to find a way to make it easier to read…




I got asked by Mike (the guy who already got this and this ambigram tattooed on his arms), to create a tattoo design for his girlfriend. The ambigram had to look more feminine than Mike’s, so this is what I came up with:

I can’t wait to see a picture of the finished tattoo…

About a year ago Mike asked me do create a design for a second ambigram-tattoo reading “Life Is Pain”, which should match the style of the “Always In My Heart” ambigram I did for him some time ago. Well, it took some time, but he finally got the ink done and send me some pictures.
Here is my original design:

The solution for this ambigram is very natural, I really didn’t have to do much…
And here is the final tattoo:

The other day Vanessa asked me to do an ambigram of the name “Zeke”, because she was dissatisfied with the results the ambigram generator delivered. I came came up with this solution pretty quickly:

She liked it 🙂

Still one of the best. TV. series. ever.

UPDATE: Whoops, I just saw that Michael Irving came up with an almost identical solution two years ago. You can see it here.

Some time ago, I got an e-mail from Tim, who asked me to create an ambigram design for a tattoo. He wanted it to contain the names of his son Canon and his daughter Vanna and here’s what I came up with:

It’s been quite some time since I took part in an ACAC ( ambigram challenge), but this time I was tempted again. It was quite an elaborate challenge with seven different categories (read all about it here) and I submitted three different designs for three different categories – and they all won!

So here are the ambigrams:

Number 1: “Dan Chan”, rotational ambigram

This one was quite easy because I could build upon an older design of mine, but I like it very much for its readability.

Number 2: “Amazing Grace”, rotational ambigram

It took some time until I came up with the “z/G” solution, but after that it all came naturally. I’m very happy for the consistent style, especially the lower case “a”s.

Number 3: “Bian Lian”, rotational ambigram

My favorite. “Bian Lian” is the ancient chinese art of quick face/mask changing and I wanted to incorporate that into the design. I made a color version first, but the black and white version is much better from a graphical point of view.
Well, except for the ears…

A friend of mine is a HUGE fan of the song “Wipeout” and all its derivates and she asked me to create an ambigram for her:

The “o/p” combination was rather tricky but all in all I’m, very pleased with the flowing look of the ambigram.

Hi Everybody!
It’s almost half a year again since my last post – unbelievable! The good news is that I’m pretty busy creating ambigrams again, so hopefully there’s an end to the lazy blogging 😉
Well, looking back it seems that I’m writing something like this not for the first time…

Anyway, after doing some new ambigrams (soon to come) I was checking my ambigram folder and realized that there’s a good handful of ambigrams I didn’t post here. So before I’ll put my new stuff up here, I’m going to clean out my attic first. Here’s a design I did in September 2011, after receiving a request for an estimate for a commission. I didn’t get the commission but created the ambigram anyway…

Hi everybody,

it’s been a while, but I finally found some time to create an ambigram again.

I was asked by Bishop (take a look at his website: to create an ambigram of his two sons’ names “Ian” and “Tristan” for a tattoo. Even though it seemed impossible to me to fit these two names into one glyph, because of the great difference in lengths of the two names, I gave it a try. And it worked out!