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When I started this blog it was clear to me that I would need a nice symbiotogram of the words “unterart” and “ambigram” for the header. I didn’t realize at this moment that this would be quite a difficult task, especially because I had some demands the design would have to meet:

  • No black letter
  • consistent letter forms (especially the “r”s, “a”s and “m”s)
  • easy to read

After a LOT of scribbling, head scratching and swearing I finally found this solution. Thank God!
It can (and will) be more optimized but for the moment I’m just very glad that I was able to solve the problem…

As you can see, there are still some issues with this design. The lower case “r” in ambigram is not consistent, the “e/g” inversion still needs some work and the “ra” combination looks a little awkward.

It’s scribble time (just a small selection):